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Islamic history programs
  1.  Pre-Islamic Arabia      
  2.  4000 years from Ubaid period to the revelation of the Holy Quran through Mesopotamia, Umm an-Nar,Aad ,Thamud, kingdom of Ma'in, kingdom of Sabaeans and Sheba, Kingdom of Hadhramaut, Kingdom of Himyar , Nabateans .
  3. Geographical, political,Social and Economic Systems.
  4. Religions and Prophets of Arabia. 
  5. Next Classes:-
1-Earliy Islamic History to AL-Rashidum.
2-Umayadd Dynasty.
3-Abassid Dynasy.
4-Mamluks Dynasty.
5-Ottoman Dynasty.
6-History of Islam in Europe.
7-History of Islam in Americas.
  1. Adult from "14 and above "only can apply.Limited seats 
  2. IT , movies and maps are used , Pre-Islamic History Starts October 7th .in Six class Periods- $ 50.00 , Every Friday  4:00 to 5:30 pm