Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

IUIAR 100  – Beginner I  (40 hours/10 weeks, tuition: $200)
Designed for students unfamiliar with the Arabic language. It introduces the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills needed for basic communication in Arabic.
Materials: Alif Baa’ Introduction to Beginning Arabic, Georgetown University Press.
IUIAR 101 – Beginner II(40 hours/10 weeks, tuition: $200)
A continuation of IUIAR 100, this course continues to emphasize the skills introduced in Beginner I while developing vocabulary skills and introducing basic grammatical skills and sentence structure. Proper use of an Arabic dictionary is also introduced.
Materials: K. Al-Kitaab fii Taallum al-Arabiyya: Part One, 2nd edition, Georgetown University Press.

IUIAR 200:Intermediate I(40 hours/10 weeks, tuition: $200)
This course focuses on further development of students’ conversational skills as well as their reading and writing skills in Arabic.
Materials: K. Al-Kitaab fii Taallum al-Arabiyya: Part Two, 2nd Edition; Georgetown University Press.

IUIAR 500: Arabic for Children (6 to 12 years old)   
(20hours/10 weeks, tuition: $150)
The younger the child starts to learn Arabic, the easier it is to master it. These Arabic courses help children learn Arabic via figures and phonics.  We offer a variety of interesting topics that make your child learn Arabic with fun and high efficiency. Children will receive systematic training in four aspects: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
Materials: Arabic club series, Al-Afaak and Good Word Arabic Writing  parts 1,2&3
IUIAR 701: Advanced – QuraanicArabic
(40 hours/10 weeks, tuition: $200)
In this course students will be able to get a good basic understanding of Arabic grammar and structure – essential for the further study of the language. Quickly, they understand much of the Qur’an. The course is based on word frequency in the Qur’an.
Materials: Easy Quran Reading book Parts 1&2